Am I attractive?

I don’t think I’m ugly but if you saw me in a grocery store would you turn your head?

My ex told me he would catch guys looking at me, but I never really saw it. Am I just blind?

HAHAHA Fuck the ugly haters! =P

Oh, and yeah, I spray tan. soooo, skin cancer is the least of my worries. I like being tan.

PS: I know I'm a bitch and I like it. =)

Can't handle the truth? The go f*** yourself.



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  • i think your out of most guys on here's league anyway so that's why you've been getting hate on this site. I saw a rude comment one guy gave to you on another question and I thought it was ridic considering what he looks like. or maybe it was an inside joke lol

    • Thanks! Yeah, I figured. I mean I see some of these guys on here messaging me, asking if that's really me in the pictures and telling me I'm really hot.

      everyone can kiss my ass =)

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    • Just curious why would you post the question if you can't take the answers you get?

    • What the f*** is with the hating guys? It's a humble question, it doesn't need a stereotyped response. I have my opinion and I stated it, I agree on a lot of the points that have been made, but what is going to change that point by repeating something that's already been said?

      On a side note, you're completely accurate Anon. Beautiful women usually have shallow personalities because people treat them "out of the league" to begin with. Jealousy is retarded and people should grow up *eyeroll*

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  • Yes, but you're a bitch (by categorization)! Read your profile.

    Good guys / Average guys = They won't approach you

    Bad boys / Jerks = They don't care, they'll hit on you all day long, even with a boyfriend.

    Any type of "The world is stupid" comments, or anything that makes you appear more valuable than others, classifies you as a bitch, unless you do it respectively.. So YES, you're attractive by appearance but by personality, no you're not.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Hmmm, well, I have a fear of looking trashy (white trash.) but Ill give it to you, I can be a big bitch.

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    • Dela, it's not your place to categorize people here.

      And I agree QA about you not being trashy. It shows that you take care of yourself (by not showing pictures of your ass online, etc and so forth). And your welcome.

  • To be honest, no I wouldn't turn my head at you. Simply because your look is rather abundant where I live. It would be nothing I hadn't seen many times over, and really at this point am slightly tired of seeing. You're not that attractive to me, but I can imagine there are many men that would gawk at you.

  • You're really not my type... at all. I keep trying to be fair, but you kinda creep me out somehow.

  • Erika... seriously. Isn't this like the thrid time you've asked this? You definitely would get repeated looks from me. I think you're a very pretty girl. I think most guys would agree. (And I like this profile pic better than the duck-face! Nice smile!)

    • I only ask once before! lol and it was only to you! =) hahaha

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    • By the way... it's not unusual that you wouldn't catch guys looking at you. Unless you have eyes on the back of your head, girls rarely know how much we check out your ass. And I, personally, have gotten very good about scoping a girl's body with my peripheral vision.

    • Haha, I had to agree with you marfan because that last statement... Nice dude.. Nice.

  • You're way too tan, and you're probably in for skin cancer pretty soon. I think you'd be alrite if it just wasn't for you living in those tanning beds.

    • Actually, I spray tan. soooo, skin cancer is the least of my worries.

  • You Look Very attractive, nothing wrong with you at all and other guys will look at you it's natural, you are a attractive girl

  • i would turn my head to be honest cause you are pretty...=] so does that answer ur question you are very beautiful and pretty =]

  • TOTALLY! . . . but additionally so because I've read your questions and answers and you're smart and funny.

    A catch! But hey . . . I'm taken, so stay away! ;)

  • yes, but I won't be turning my head or I'll get a slap off the missus ;)

  • Too tan I would notice you but head turning? probably not

    • Seems to me you can't handle the truth. Getting all mad because you don't like people's answers. I think it's safe to say even if thought you were attractive they way you're acting about it could easily flip that idea. Looks only get you so far(especially mediocre ones). Keep banking on them see how far it gets you.

    • Oh, wow flip it then!

  • Maybe not quite head-turning, but then, I have a lot of self-control, so maybe I'm not the best measure.

    You're still pretty and good-lookin' though.


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  • You're good.