Girls, Get ready with me Ballet?

Why do girls edit the part in which they put on their ballet tights in their "Get Ready with me Ballet" videos on YouTube?


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  • How do I get ready with a me ballet?

    • I was wondering, are you weirded out by my question? The reason why I asked this question is because I have a strong attraction to girls who wear pantyhose/tights and would love to see those who are not afraid to show how they put them on. I know that there are many of these videos on YouTube that show them putting them on and while I do appreciate the effort of that girl, I feel that the reason why many girls edit that part out is because they are afraid of their body and they shouldn't be because I think they are beautiful just like the way God intented them to be. Please don't be afraid of me, I'm just a lonely guy who is curious about the opposite sex and how they beautify themselves.

  • I don't know to make it look more appealing maybe

    • I'm just curious, if you were to make that kind of video, would you show everything including putting on your ballet tights or are you afraid that people might see what's below? It's okay, but I find it more appealing if they do show it.

    • I wouldn't show everything

    • Are you a shamed of your body? In my opinion, girls who don't show the part in which they put on their ballet tights have something to hide. It's okay show your imperfections; it's what makes them human