Is there any way to get rid of hair in an area permenantly?

Besides like, fire or acid, lol.


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  • Yes, there are ways, but I am not sure about the final result coming from the treatment.

    1. Laser hair removal.

    2. Electrolysis.

    The most important point about hair removal is that the hair follicle must be destroyed completely, so unless that is done with 100% effect, the hair removal will not be permanent.

    Laser hair removal, as far I know is a good option but then I am not sure about the effectiveness of the treatment, laser treatment can be costly and plus you need to keep going for many sittings in a year to get rid of the hair follicle but still I am not sure if hair follicles can be totally destroyed by laser treatment or not.

    Electrolysis I think is comparatively cheaper option and it is known to destroy hair follicles permanently.


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