Girls, do any of you feel more comfortable in strappy shoes than without? What about strappy bras and tops? Guys what do you prefer girls to wear?

I feel way more secure in a pair of strappy sandals (or ballet flats with straps) than I do wearing ones without because I always worry if the shoe will come off while I'm walking. XD

And as for strapless bras, bikinis, tops and dresses; I just don't think they're all that flattering tbh and again I feel more secure with straps (regular, halter neck and racerback) otherwise I'll worry about them falling down and constantly adjusting them is annoying! :p

  • Omg yes! So much better with straps.
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  • I don't mind strapless tops etc but strappy shoes feel better.
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  • I don't mind shoes without straps but I feel better in strappy tops etc.
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  • No preference
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  • Love strappy stuff on girls
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  • Not a fan of strappy stuff on girls
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What Guys Said 1

  • Not a fan of strappy stuff on girls


What Girls Said 1

  • I have broad shoulders, not insanely broad but broad so I find dresses and shirts and all that without straps not attractive on my build but I do think people can pull them off but just not me lol plus they make u look more broad even if u arnt, and strapless bras r annoying af. And I feel like with smaller boobs strapless stuff doesn't flatter them at all cuz it hides them and makes them look even smaller. But with the shoe part I don't know I don't really care strap or no strap