Is it ok to wear color eye contacts, because ur own eyes color is not that great?

I have dark brown hair and light skin. My eyes color is dark goldish brown, but i look much much better with lighgter eyes, no what what color, just light. Even light brown look better on me, than my natural...
So i have to wear color contacts everytime, they look very natural on me (i choose natural light shades, usually light grey or blue) and i look much better.
Should i keep wear them or should i accept my own eyes color, even though it doesn't fit me at all?


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  • If I were to get my eyes corrected I wouldn't need colored contacts to change my eye color because I have two different color eyes naturally.


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  • If you like them on you, go ahead. My brown eyes look like shit combined to my light hair and my pale ghost-like skin, but I have learned to accept it.


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  • its your choice man

  • Yeah , I am gonna get contact lenses too in hazel.
    If you look hot in them... I dont see the problemo

    • my dark eyes stands our from my light skin, with light eyes and dark hair i look much better

    • Go ahead.. me too