Girls, What things do I need to buy before I get a pixie cut?

Hi everybody.

I'm soon to get my hair cut back into a pixie cut. I'm just hoping I can get some advice on bits and bobs I may need to buy beforehand. Any product ideas, accessories etc.

My hair is really soft, straight and flat, if that helps. I also live in the UK.

Thanks very much in advance.


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  • You won't need anything if your stylist cuts your hair correctly.. a good cut should always sit nicely unaided when cut right.. the only time you should need clips pins and spray is for temperoily changing how you lay your hair .. but the base of your style should sit nicley in it natural form

    • Not true. Depending on hair health and type, you most likely need styling products. For my hair to sit right I need products no matter what the health of it is.

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    • I have 3b hair that wants to turn into a mane regardless what someone does to it. I need products to keep it healthy and controlled (it's already healthy but might as well keep it that way). Regardless it needs something lol

    • @KittieCat ok :)


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  • When I had a pixie cut, I usually styled it with a little bit of styling wax. I think I used VO5 in the end which was alright but I'm sure there are other better ones out there, just have a little Google search :) I just rubbed a teeny bit in my hands to warm it up before putting it on my hair.

    I didn't really accessorise my hair apart from occasionally clipping my fringe back but I've seen people with pixie cuts wear headbands!

  • buy some nice hair accessories you can wear on the side of your head

  • Buy a tight black turtleneck sweater, they look super cute with a pixie cut