Guys, do you have a problem if your girlfriend dresses "sexy?"

I don't mean slutty or all the time. Just like if your girlfriend wants to go out with her girl friends and she wears a dress that shows a little leg and cleavage. Do you find that disrespectful? My boyfriend always gets on me about this.


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  • If I truly trust her that she will not try to attract other guys or anything that I might not like, then I am perfectly fine with it. If she is with me and she dresses sexy, oh baby, I would love it because everyone will look at how hot she looks and that she is with ME! This is good for both of us.


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  • Well truefuly. Not at all. I wouldn't brother me if you wear a dress and shows and little cleavage. plus as all as you can be trusted that's pretty much it. that's all I would be worried about.

  • Yes I would personally be kind of offended. I do not want my girl to be running around looking as if she's wanting some.

    Its fine if she does it when she is with me however, men like other men's envy.


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