How do I talk to girls?

Ok I'm having trouble. Big trouble. I can't seem to talk to girls. I don't have a problem with my looks as far as I know anyway. Girls look at me all the time, and when I say look at me I mean do the little I hope he notices me eye flirting and I do, I just can't walk over and say hey, What's up? I try everything to get my courage up. I have friends bet me to talk to her. I have girls talk to them for me but then when I go over their I can never come up with questions. Someone told me girls like to be asked questions but I can never think of any. Oh and I was also told just compliment a girl, well how do I do that? Just say tell them they look good or something because that sounds a little creepy on my part. I don't know maybe I just don't have any style lol.


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  • Flirt with her with your body language for a couple of minutes while working up your courage. Then go over, introduce yourself, and ask her what classes she has or compliment her shirt. Some easy girl conversation starter. It's not hard from there.

  • Do your whole flirting thing then walk over nonchalant and say hello tell her you dig her shoes or something like that tell her your name and if it looks like it went smooth ask for her #.


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