Girls, GIRLS help with shaving down there?

Whenever I do shave I always end up getting small rash and hard like stubble. I've used many different creams and shaving foams, hell even used hair removal cream. I just don't get why I can get my legs all silky smooth, and then vag. all horrible.
If there's any trimming instruments known that'll be helpful as well.


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  • Try not to shave as frequently, allow a little growth so you're not irritiating the skin so much. Also get a good shaving cream, men's works just as well, and a good razor that you only use for your bikini line. I also use this after-shave type stuff after I'm done that helps a lot too.

    • That's the thing I shave my legs like once a week sometimes a fortnight, I've discussed this with friends and the time it takes for growth seems to be quite low compared to them. Whereas I only try shaving once a month on that area since I know how irritating that can get, I've resorted to trimming it instead.

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    • I just thought after several years I'd get the hang of it lol, guess it back to the drawing board, cheers for the tips

    • If you figure it out let me know~ good luck!


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  • Ugh I'm in the same position... I think the only thing left is waxing!

    • That's what I'm starting to think, just have never done it before so it seems a bit ahhh.

  • Yeah it happens unfortunately, just ignore it and try shaving after a few days to avoid irritation