Guys Do you remove body hair?

Do you remove body hair because it is a lot of it and hence not good?
Do you shave /wax/use beard trimmer and use it everywhere or just in the chest and belly?
Does it increase your attractiveness and sex appeal and attract lot of girls?


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  • I am fortunate enough that I barely have chest hair. Other than that, I have never removed body hair, but I have thought about it on occasion. I think most body hair is fine as long as it isn't extreme amounts.

    However, I am unsure about pubic hair. I can imagine some women would like it trimmed down there, but I have no idea whether this is in fact true or not.

    • Lucky you
      If a guy has got extreme amount is it good to remove them regularly , especially from the torso and shoulders?

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    • But the prickly and stubbly feeling that comes with closely trimmed or shaved coarse hairs is ok?

    • I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that.
      Shaving obviously is a far from permanent solution. This site may give you some idea":

      Other than that, you can search the web, or ask you doctor for what the best way is. (Doctors get these questions regularly, nothing strange about it).


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  • I keep a clean shaven face and my body hair trimmed just for neatness more than anything - I don't think it lessens or magnifies my appeal to women to be honest

  • i only remove hairs around my penis and my under arms

  • You tell me?

  • I trim my chest/stomach hair although I have little. I shave my armpits because I don't know, I like feeling cool air there and it reduces BO