Do girls get offended if an unattractive guy looks at them?

Or even an average-looking guy? How would you respond?


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  • i think girls mainly get offended when random guys on the street whistle at them, or there in their cars and call out rude comments. but not offended when unattractive guys are just looking at em


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  • Definitely not. But it depends on your definition of 'average looking' or 'unattractive.' What I think is average or unattractive, is probably very different then someone elses definition. I think we all have some type of attractive quality.

    It's flattering regardless of what the guy looks like. Unless of course they're looking for a different reason. Perhaps there's a piece of salad in my teeth, or maybe they're secretly plotting my death. But if they're looking just to admire a girl. I don't see how that would be offensive in the least. Girls who wig out over this are nuts. They spend hundreds of dollars on make-up and hair accessories. And when a guy does look at them they automatically assume he's creepy, or mentally ill if he doesn't look like some type of underwear model. It's ridiculous.

    I would respond by looking back, smiling, and giving him a little wave. But looks mean absolutely nothing to me. Maybe I'm not fit to answer this question.

  • looking is brief... staring is a different kettle of fish. And considering the context and what the girl is doing... is he looking because he gets a glimpse of cleavage or something similar or is he looking at her overall and or just her face.

    Is his eyes wide open simultaneously tongue hanging out in a really inappropriate manner or is he keeping his cool and 'just innocently looking at a pretty picture'. Does he admire her and know or know of her on a daily or weekly basis or is she a complete stranger is another question.

    Depending on these answers and maybe more depends on whether it would creep her out or be somewhat to some extent flattered.


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