Girls, Do you like guys with a shaved chest and body?

How shaved should a man be girls?


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  • hey there, straight off personal area of intimacy all off whole area, perineum, balls, around base of member. this is for me a deal breaker because giving oral here i want skin to kiss etc not hair, it obviously creates a better sensation for the receiver. as for chest hair id be happy for that to be gone too, dont like back hair at all either, can just about tolerate leg and arm hair however if a guy was super thick hairy id be happy for that to be gone too, thinking about it perhaps i should just be with a girl lol xx

    • How about legs?

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    • of course i am totally jealous and get one hundred per cent why guys love women, they are so soft, to kiss a girls mouth with no bristles or stubble is divine so god you can imagine the rest... xx

    • Im Wear ing short shorts today!


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  • a man should be as shaved or as unshaved as he wants to be. if i like him i like him, and his body hair (or lack thereof) will not change that