Girls, Is it a good idea to change from one base to another for a winter look, or would a bronzer be sufficient?

When my skin lightens up for a winter look, I always change my base shade. A friend of mine suggested a bronzer would have the same effect? What do you think?


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  • I'm confused... Why would you use more brown powder when your skin is paler...

    • I am sorry. From winter to summer next year. I said it backwards.

    • Ohhhhh. That makes more sense XD

      Well, I think it depends on how much product you use and how much time you want to spend blending. Like If you only wear makeup on Sundays or whatever it's not worth it to buy two shades that will go bad before you can use them all. But if you're wearing it like 3+ times a week I would just buy a new shade in the winter and summer respectively.

  • I would suggest changing your base since your skin gets lighter, you would have to have fake tans to get the same color you had in the summer and it still wouldn't be the exact same color.