How to dress for a short torso?

I'm about 5'2, so I know I technically fall into the petite category but I feel like most of my height is in my legs, so it's irrelevant. Most of my shirts are too long and I have to tuck them in. I find that it helps to wear youth large t-shirts with them being shorter but regular department stores don't typically carry those sizes. I'm also sick of shopping in the junior department because I'm 22 and I want to dress for my age. Any suggestions on clothes? I really don't want to have to go through the hassle of having my clothes altered. Thanks!!


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  • I'm short too. Only 5'3". I know this sounds gross, but I wear a little bit of a heel every day. Even if it's only an inch wedge, it still makes me look taller. I also would suggest wearing dark colors. Also, don't wear things that cut your body horizontally. Stay away from layered shirts and go for long ones in dark colors. I've also found that I need to make sure dresses aren't too long. Dresses are made for women who are 5'6" where it goes to the knee. For me it goes past and makes me look like I'm swimming in it. Things that are "mini" on other people will look good on you.


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  • I have a short torso and I'm only 5'2 also. I find that mid or high waisted jeans look the best. I tend to get a lot of crop/belly tops and normally those end where my hips start. Shift dresses are my best friend, they elongate my legs but don't add emphasis to my short torso.

  • Wear longer tops