Is it normal for a girl to look away really quickly from a good-looking guy?

Or do they only do that to ugly guys? Or does it go both ways?


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  • Actually if someone is interested in you. They sometimes have a habit of looking at you, quickly looking away when they've been caught. And then giving you a short glance right after. (This isn't always the case however. It's just one of those common 'signals' you read about on those crappy dating sites.)

    In fact. I just did this earlier today to a guy I absolutely adore. I jerk my head away, it's like an instinct. I don't want to get caught staring.

    • This isn't so much about people you are around often. I'm talking about two total strangers that haven't really seen each other too many times before.

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    • I'm talking about I turn, look at her, she looks, then quickly looks away. Is that a bad sign? It is slightly different than what you described above. I didn't catch her looking at me... We just sort of looked at each other, but she seemed hesitant to make eye contact and it was brief.

    • Yes. I'm fairly sure this applies to what I was saying. However, I don't know either of you. So it's really hard to say. If perhaps you run into her again, I would see if she does this once more. She could have just simply glanced at you, and avoided awkwardness by turning away. Different people, different situations. But generally speaking. It's usually a sign.


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  • Well. If I see a good looking guy, I look away. And then try not to look back. :D


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  • it can go either way depends on situation maybe if your not very goodlooking she does it only if she know your careless lol but if your good looking maybe she is afraid of seeing your face and reaction toward's you.