Girls, What do you like to see guys wear clothing wise at age 26?

Hi Girls

What do you like to see 26 year old guys wearing when you go out to a bar? I'm a little lost with the whole fashion sense things. I've got a date coming up and I don't really want to look like a goof ball. Any help would be great.


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  • Dress or khaki pants with a button up shirt is the traditional look. (Personally I love a guy who can dress up). A clean well fitted pair of jeans with a nice tshirt and a blazer would look pretty nice too.
    You can go to a place like men's wear house to try on different "grown up" looks. Just mention that you are picking out cloths to add to a family gift list so they don't pressure you to buy things right then.
    I hope your date goes great!

  • Nice jeans that fit well, and a nice fresh (ironed!) t shirt. If you're muscular it can be a slightly fitted tee.
    What's your usual style? That matters a lot.
    And what kind of bar? Some are more casual than others.

  • Show us a pic on what your usual style is, if that's alright.