Blepharitis - how to get rid of it?

Hi guys, my question is how do you get rid of blepharitis on eyes especially eyelashes. It looks horrible and makes your eyelids look scaly.


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  • Oh, I had this! I had it for ages. In the end I'm not sure how it went... all I know is that it went around the time I cried my eyes out lol. Maybe it flushed it out? But I was also using Eve Lom's cleanser and I think that really probably did it. So using a hot compress on the eyelid to break down the build-up in the eyelid (if this is the same thing). You could also try an eye wash bath you can get at the drug store. It takes a while. Good luck x

    • Thanks I'll try that, I always scrub my eyes a lot so I don't know why it doesn't go away or how it started in the first place

    • No I know... I don't know how it starts... I think it might be off makeup or something? No don't scrub your eyes... keep them super clean obviously, but put a hot compress on the eyelids and hold it there until its cool... keep doing that and hopefully it will work.

    • I don't wear makeup at all, I will try that thanks :)

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  • I don't know what that is

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