Have you ever pulled something out and?

Found a poop stain on it. How pissed u be?

Have you ever pulled something out and.....?

>Had interview
>Planned suit out
>Suited up next day
>Found poop stain on jacket

  • Hate that shit
    21% (3)15% (2)19% (5)Vote
  • I see it but I dun care I still wear it out
    7% (1)0% (0)4% (1)Vote
  • I find this weird and it never happened to me yo
    57% (8)31% (4)44% (12)Vote
  • Stop blazin fam
    7% (1)15% (2)11% (3)Vote
  • Results
    8% (1)39% (5)22% (6)Vote
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Don't take whatever I posted in like the last 3 hours to heart please. Kthxbye


Most Helpful Girl

  • Fuck that's gross and unhygienic. Somebody ain't washing their clothes man. Nasty as shit. No pun intended. This is makin me nauseous


Most Helpful Guy

  • Er... maybe underwear. In general I don't find random poop stains on my clothes.

    • Maybe if I was incredibly ill and had an incredible bad cause of food poisoning to the point where I had to be hospitalized, but in that case I probably wouldn't be worried about a stain.

    • No lie ur comment made my day


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