Which color hair would look the hottest?

I have naturally dirty blonde/light brown hair. but dyed it black a while ago and everyone, including myself, LOVED it. Now I'm ready for something new. I have big features, dark eyes, fair skin. should I go mermaid blue, or fire red? What do you guys think would look hottest?


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  • I would say red. But I don't want to seem to criticize you or anything but I have some advice. There is a point in your life when you get too old to dye your hair wacky unnatural colors. I don't know how old you are exactly, but I think you are probably fine right now. But when you start to get in your late 20s early 30s, I think it is time to stick close to your natural color.

    =D (please don't take that offensively)

    • Haha not at all, I'm not easily offended :)

      though a lady I met once, was in her 60's maybe, and had blue hair.. and I just thought she was the most beautiful wild thing ever.. so I'll have to say I disagree with ever being too old to be free ;D

    • Well that's cool too whatever makes you happy. I always thought people that were like 50 with purple hair were kind of strange, but then again I am one of those shy conservative people. But whatever you choose I am sure you will looks great. =D


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  • Fire Red all the way. Red hair is the best


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  • Red.

    • Mmmm.. I'm definitely being convinced.. I just saw paramore's new video today, and she went back to that all over red.. and I'm just totally in love with that intense red on certain people

  • I'd have to see a picture of you to know for sure.but if you originally had light brown, safest bet would be red.usually only true blondes look right with mermaid blue.

    • Do you mean because the blue won't be as vibrant? With either color I'm going to have to bleach out my hair so the color will be really vibrant.. I've got super healthy hair so bleaching doesn't hurt it at all :)