If you go fake spray tanning, can you go swimming at the beach?

I want to go to one of those spray tanning cliniques before I go traveling. But Im going to a beach area and I don't know if swimming at the beach will make my color fade.


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  • hi, if you go for a proper spray tan this should not fade, i would recommend being vigilant in using a body shower puff to exfoliate upto a few days before going and moisturise your skin well, you could try using a gradual self tan at home doing the same process if you have time before you go, summer glow type products are good so you dont go over bronzed looking a bit awkward xx

    • one of the reasons I picked spray tan is that it'll hide my stretch marks around my bum a bit so I thik gradual self tan wouldn't work as well.

    • not really relevant re the spray tan but if your marks really bother you im uk and seen recently a treatment where they tattoo your scars without ink which promotes healing and can almost get rid of your scars completely, worth a look if you want? xx


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  • I think the good stuff is waterproof


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