What physical traits do you look for in a partner? Minus the personality.

I look for a define nose shape, squared jawline, dark/hazel eyes, short dark brown hair, 5"7-6"1 feet tall, physically fit (not too skinny and not too muscular), nice smile, white teeth, clean finger nails, casual style.


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  • Reasonable nose (Not to small, not off-centered, not too big); Minimal scars and/or acne; Preferably Midnight Blue or Forest Green eye color; Medium-Long Brunette->Black hair; 5'2-5'10; Physically Fit (Toned); Great smile; white teeth; Working hands (No fake fingernails, etc); Casual and friendly smile.

    I also look for posture, hygene, style, etc.. Everything compliments itself in essence.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • smart

    fit body/fit girl

    brunette longish

    glowing eyes (colour don't matter)

    dont really care about breast size

    nice teeth awesome smile

    glowing skin (tanned)

    cute face


    minimal make up( love the natural look)

    height 5'2-5'7

  • well I'm a little weird but I'm attracted to of course a cute face and body I like short women like5'0 to 5'4

    i like them blond or red head

    i like a nice booty

    heres the thing she has to have nice small petite hands and feet. there nothing more of a turn of to me then a girl with man feet and hands. it will ruin it

  • a cute butt and a cute face


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  • I like guys my height or a bit taller so around 5'7 and above

    as for physical like hair colour-it's been varied. brown hair, blond or black mostly

    eyes? I prefer big eyes for some reason haha not too big but just regular eyes I guess

    and someone who is healthy. that's about it.

  • Erm, for me I'd prefer them to be taller than me, but that's not that hard as I aren't very tall. I would say I go for dark haired guys more than anything, I love big brown eyes. Nice teeth (not perfect glow white though!). Broad shoulders. I love my guy to smell nice and have clean fingernails.

  • I always get a turn on boy guys with dark hair, spiked up (not over jelled)

    taller then me (im 5'6")

    naturally tanned skin, I like when they kinda look spanish. Since I'm half spanish I sorta go for those kind of guys, I don't know why, they just really capture my attention. lol

  • Nice nose (can't describe it. I have a thing for guys who have nice noses)

    Lips size/shape doesn't matter

    Oval/square face

    Bright/ interesting eyes (Don't care about color, but I'd die for dark blue or grey)

    Well groomed eyebrows

    I kinda like grungy guys, so I'm not very hellbent on personal hygiene, just don't smell bad, and take a shower every once in a while...

    Its more about a guys presence, then his facial features... so I don't have may specifics..

  • Hmm... I look for dark-eyed guys who are physically flexible (not particularily built, that reminds me of my brother...) I tend to subconsciously prefer short guys... not "shorter", nescessarily, but if there's a group and he's shortest that's turn-on (yeah, maybe that's weird. ^^') Good hygene... a fece that looks ALIVE... just stuff like that.

    ...And hairstyle. Don't care about the color, but since that's the first thing I usually see (since it's an all-angles thing) it either makes or breaks my attention.

    Nothing's all that important furthur than distracting me, though. I try to completely focus on personality... these things just pop out at me more... ^^

  • brown or blondeor black doesn't matter to me , although I don't think id be attracted to a ginger [ personal pref. ]

    tan skin

    taller than me [ I'm 5'3 so at least 5'6 , I usually like someone sig. taller than me]

    muscular built [ not body builder but muslular]

    white teeth is a HUGE PLUS but not nec. a make or break kinda thing

    either a sporty don't care what I wear style or polo and shorts guy , I really don't care as long as he's not wearing like a cape.

  • Physically, I'm all about the height! My boyfriend is 12 inches taller than me and I love it!

    Blue eyes are beautiful (I wish mine were)

    I'm pretty Ivory white, so a darker skin tone is nice

    Braces are a beautiful thing (once they're taken off, of course) straight teeth make for a stunning smile

    and I'm like the question-asker... Short & clean fingernails!

  • I'm not that picky on looks. I've been with guys that looked like complete opposites to one another. I basically just want a guy that's taller than me (over 6') and in shape, with overall cleanliness in general

  • haha I read what you look forand you just described the guy I'm seeing lol, so I look for what you look for =]