Helpppp how can I get noticed?

Hey everyone;I'm a 19 year old girl in England. I'm not really the 'big on makeup' type of girl because, well I like keeping it natural.. same goes for my hair, it's natural curly hair. Because of this i don't get noticed much by guys because they usually go for the heavy makeup with long straight hair types. It's gotten to the point that all the guys I've been interested in have passed me over for the same type of girl.. the perfect looking girl & im more of just down to earth & laid back.. how can I reinvent my self to look more attractive without giving in to the heavy makeup & wearing tight clothes & all that stuff? Help


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  • You sound very nice - Have you no friends or relatives who are like you that you could talk to - Maybe explore the internet for natural hairstyles and light/no make up plus casual fashion.


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  • so.. you like the kind of guy that goes after bimbos? if you want a well groomed man that takes care of himself you have to do the same
    I'm not saying that you have to transform your face with make up, but a bit of mascara and liner never killed anyone
    also if you have naturally curly hair you can just style it into waves maybe and putting a bit of effort in your clothes will help too
    if you don't want to change anything just go for a laid back guy that likes your style the way it is 😊


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  • I dunno, why don't you just focus on whatever else you're doing and sooner or later get noticed by a guy that will like you for who you are?

  • I could rent you my Corvette z06


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