Why don't the average guys try a little harder?

I hate to say it boys, but nothing attracts me more to a man who knows how to dress and takes care of himself. I am not talking about the popular, muscular, athlete. All of the sweet and genuine guy friends of mine do not take care of themselves.

If any of them would get over the 50 year old man style and would take an extra 2 minutes to fix up yourself I would so go for it!

There is a guy in my class (who I have known for 3 years)who is very smart, sweet, and fun. He started to phase out of the sneaker, gym short, polo everyday look and got a sense of style. You can see that is inexpensive but he looked good. I could tell his confidence was going up and he was changing. Not changing who he was just his personal hygiene and style. As time went on I started to become more and more attracted to him!

When I say 50 year old style, I just mean dressing way older than you need to.I really would never picture any boyfriend of mine dressing in clothes my grandfather would wear. Dress your age and put a little effort in getting ready!


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  • Amen! I have some friends who haven't had a girl in ages, or never at all, but could soooo easily go dating if they just changed their style a little bit! As of now they wear friggin' mountain hiking shoes and cheap brown pants with plain tshirts their moms bought.

    I think they get discouraged by the stylish, popular, athlete-type guys, or think they can't measure up to them. It's a matter of confidence, but once they step out of their comfort zone (usually moms basement) they don't regret it one bit. I guess they need some encouragement or examples.

    Another thing could be their personality, a lot of those guys are nice when you get up close and personal in private, but quite shy or even introverted in crowds or out in public. They just have to be a bit more spontaneous and extroverted. Not like they have anything to lose. (most of the time anyway)


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  • I agree. It's amazing how just changing your clothes and cleaning yourself up does wonders for your attractiveness. Sometimes it seems superficial but that's how the world works, might as well take advantage of it.Of course that's why you get to know someone since looks can be deceiving, both the average and the stylish.

  • hmmm I hope a dress nice. I think its ok. What can kind of style are you referring to?

    • Not necessarily a style! You can tell when a guy does not put a lot of effort into getting ready. I mean a few times a week being comfortable is cool but every single day of your life?

    • Oh ok. No problems here then. I don't look like a dirty bum or anything or like I just got out of bed yet I don't take a lot of time getting ready.

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  • I really agree, some guys forget that both sexes like eye candy. Just like most guys probably wouldn't be attracted to a girl who doesn't take care of herself, how many girls are attracted to a guy who doesn't take care of himself?