Your ideas on what Is a beautifull/hot woman?

Well, This would be a poll, Except I have multiple things to ask, I also put this in fashion and beauty, Altough body shape is difficult to change, So here I go...

You can Copy and paste the following section, And put your answer about it. You can argue why you believe x traits in a way or another is better but it's if you want to, Or say you have no opinion on any ideal. Examples are examples. You can specify more.

legs (Ex: Sizes:Thin, Normal, Thick):
Arse (Ex: Sizes:None, Small, Normal):
Waist (Ex:Thin, Normal, Large):
Chest (Ex:Flat, Small, Normal, Large):
And finally...
Hair (Ex:Long, Tail, Soft, Curly):

And altough I feel like my post is abnormally long already, I'll add my own opinion but I'll make it short.
-I prefer thick legs, normal to large bottoms, As It doesn't matter much to me, small waists, And also any sizes of chest above small. I also hate when girls put their hair in a bulb, And seeing it hanging down is my favorite.

What I wrote was very simple, As arguing your idea is just an extra. Most people like it because they like it. So it's all normal.


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  • Legs - Slim to Normal
    Ass - Small
    Waist - Slim
    Chest - Small
    Hair - Long straught