Do guys find girls who wear make up or no make up more attrative?

The question is in the title. Please say why also! And be honest!


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  • A healthy mix of the two. Obviously if she is caking on the makeup to cover up her features, it's going to hide who she truly is. We would be seeing makeup and not the real her. But if she has something that she is self-conscious about, and makeup helps her feel more comfortable, that will help her feel more at ease when around in public; which is very attractive when a girl can remain relaxed.

    Pertaining SOLEY to physical appearance, I would have to go for Acne products over makeup. I don't think that people should cover up natural beauty.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • I prefer a very modest amount of makeup. I do not like it when it looks like pancake mix nor do I like it when girls put on so much eye makeup, they look like raccoons. (Honestly look at a girl who wheres dark heavy eye makeup and then look at a picture of a raccoon.)

    Some can always make you a little more attractive.

  • I think that this depends on the person but I prefer a woman/girl who is comfortable enough with herself and her appearance to not need to feel like she has to look better than she does already. I like how makeup can enhance someone's appearance, but I think a lot of women put too much stock in physical appearance to cover up their lack of personality.

  • well a little bit here an there mayb eye shadow, an sum uda1s ae ... ohhh foundation... I think its called? oh god that's where most girls go wrong they put so much on there face looks all powdery or like there's a huge layer of dead skin on it... looks bloody awful so yeah just put a little bit on ae make yourself look nice an unique and don't put on so much that when it rains your face comes dripping off!

  • all natural is more attrative. but a girl who weres eye liner and mascara ain't to bad either. short simplely it.


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