Have you ever caught a guy/girl looking at you, and know straight away that they were into you?

Hey all,

I was just wondering if you have ever been in a situation where you catch a guy/girl staring at you so intensely that you can't help but realize they are into you. I was out with a group of friends tonight and while we were sitting down eating our dinner, I happened to glance over at one of the guys I'm "sort of" friends with, and he was looking at me.

When I say looking, I mean he was full on staring at me, with such an intense, almost longing look and had a massive smile on his face. He didn't look away when I caught him, and it was such an intense gaze that jolted me right to the bones. I mean, I actually turned around to see if it really was me he was staring at.

So guys, girls and others have you ever experienced this?


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  • yes many times

    I was at a bar with friends last week and I saw this girl staring directly at me, and when I made eye contact she kept staring. So I went and talked to her and got her number. When people make direct eye contact and smile, you can feel it.

    This is a big sign of "talk to me"

    Eye contact is important

    Usually if someone doesn't want you they won't look at you..From my experience every time a girl has looked me intensely and we maintained eye contact it has worked out beautifully


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