What is better body shape for a short 167cm guy?

  • Skinny
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  • Fat
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  • Mascular
    40% (4)50% (2)43% (6)Vote
  • Other..
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  • I'd say skinny or average.

    • I don't think you would date a short guy even he was skinny , average , fat or mascular 😄

      isn't that right 😄

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    • Ok, I am sorry 🤐

      would you date a guy my height?

    • I am 5'2 so yes I would.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Skinny. I am around the same height and I am skinny. Muscular or fat looks weird if you are under 170-172 in my opinion.

    • what is you weight?

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    • me too 😅😅
      I think the ideal weight for us in our age is 60 kg ,
      My father is 168cm too and he was around this weight when he was young , NOW he has mascular arms and big body and he never played gym before.
      his body shape look like Scott Caan.

      didn't try to gain weight before?
      and do you have problem in dating because of you height?

    • I don't want to gain any weight. I want to be skinny because I pass easily as 18-19 if you consider I go always clean-shaven. (I'm almost 25).


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  • I would say stocky or muscular would look good

  • Average. I mean you can't be like a damn muscular/giant meatball walking around.