Why do I regret not wearing a traditional African maxi at my prom night?

Instead I wore a simple blue dress & I didn't felt myself in it


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  • Well, that's a shame
    I know the dress really matters for the girl

    Did you at least enjoy the company of your friends?
    It couldn't have been all bad


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  • Well probably because you identified with the other dress more - in style, in spirtuality (if you believe in that), or it just suited your tastes better. You likely regret it because I suspect you weren't happy with the other dress.

    I know it's easy to say but try not to let it get you down, everybody has at least one or two regrets about prom.

    • Of course I do identified with the dress, I am 100% African, it's a part of my culture & it was my chance to show the rest of different I was but the blue dress was my only choice since I was in a shelter (long story) and I could borrow it for free

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    • Good I'm glad that you're doing better.

    • Yep it was a long time ago & I realized that some people just don't like others for unknown reasons

  • u can wear it... African dresses are pretty <3

  • You went against yourself to conform and that's what bothers you.