Black Girls, Can You Help With My Hair?

I'm really annoyed at this point. I'm completely natural and just took my sew in out, but my natural hair has this thing where it gets super oily in a matter of 2-3 days an I end up having to always wash it like a white girl. I don't understand how you guys can go a week or two without washing it and I think that all this washing is the reason my ends are so brittle, not mention the hair on top of my head and my edges are STRAIGHT and the rest of it is a fro. The girl who does my sew in says that's because my grandmother was native American and there's nothing I can do about the textures, but how do you fix all the oily stuff? Do you have any style recommendations or YouTube channels I can go to?

Yes, I am black by the way. I don't why but every time I ask a question I have to mention that.


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  • Talk to RainbowFanGirl. She is an Editor/Guru--She is the best person to give you proper guidance on this topic. Because she knows how to take good care of her hair.


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  • I wash my hair every Saturday.
    I advice not adding to much oil in your hair when moisturizing it.
    Only moisturize it every other day.


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  • Well, I'm not black so I can't really speak from experience. But generally, when it comes to oily hair, powering through the oily days is what works the best. You need to sort of "train" your hair to get used to not being washed so often. I used to wash my hair every day because it felt oily the day after I washed it. But what I did, was simply powering through the oily days. Started with one extra day, then washed. Then two, washed. Three, washed. And by each time, my hair and scalp got less and less oily up until the point of me washing it. Now I can go a week without my hair feeling oily at all. I just choose to wash it every 3 days or so because it does kind of start to smell even if it feels completely clean, and since I need to use hairspray on my fringe it just feels fresher to not have a lot of hairspray gunk building up.
    That's my general tip lol.