At what distance can a girl accurately judge a guy's facial attractiveness?

From how far away? 8 feet? 5 feet? When I go out, girls automatically dismiss me from a distance, as in "I'm not going to look at him" but if they would look up close, they'd see how outrageously sexy I am.

From a distance do girls usually judge a guy based on his body rather than his face?


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  • Overall girls try not to look desperate by staring at guys. So, the "I'm not going to look at him" is the trained response of all girls to avoid looking desperate.

    If you really think a girl is interesting, you should go up to her and start a conversation and see what happens. Girls need to be able to judge your confidence anyways, so just seeing how you look for a distance isn't going to help them much. I mean, do you think if they could see that you were attractive from a distance they would just flock over to you and start making the moves?


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  • over all pretty much

    • Overall pretty much? Can you be more specific?

  • um I don't know I've never really thought about distance but if I can see you, like even if he's up close or from across the room I can tell if he's attractive or not. if girls continually ignore you, you might not be all that sexy...i'm just saying..


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