Does a guy really not care if his girlfriend puts on some pounds and gets stretch marks?

I recently had a baby. My pre baby body was amazing. I was skinny, but not too skinny and I had a decent amount of muscle. But ever since I gave birth, I weigh like 15 pounds more than I did, I have a bit of a stomach, and my legs and hips are covered in stretch marks. He says he hardly notices the changes, but I just can't help but wonder if he secretly wants me to hurry up and lose the weight and get rid of the stretch marks. He jokes around saying "get skinny" and stuff but he assures me he's just teasing me, but is it actually true?


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  • What is the context where he is "jokingly" saying "get skinny"? If it's something you bring up and he jumps on you to poke fun, then I'd say he's just being playful and not to take it to heart. However, if he's the one that brings up the subject then I'd say his "joking" is actually hinting.


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  • if he loves you then he is just kidding. But you got to ask yourself if you really love him enough to trust his word. If I was in ur position I would wait and see, but guys don't really care about a girl putting on some pounds.

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  • why did you have a baby under 18? and there is a huge different between baby weight and just getting fat! (baby=OK) (fat=WTF)


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