HEY girls with long thick hair what's your hair care routine?

What do you use in it, what do you do to maintain it, do you lose a lot of hair?

Oh c'mon I know there a lot of you on here with thick hair!


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  • I shampoo every 3-4 days or so (with a shampoo that doesn't contain sulfates). In between, I use dry shampoo and/or cleansing conditioner (I use Renpure brand, for no reason other than it was the brand that Walmart had). The cleansing conditioner makes you hair feel really oily/heavy at first, but then your hair gets used to it after a week or two. And supposedly it's healthier for it.

    My hair is wavy/curly, so I never brush it except for before I shower. If it needs anything, I use a wide-tooth comb or just finger-comb it. Then, it usually doesn't need any styling thankfully! I very rarely straighten it.

    My hair before I went blonde:


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  • I usually use plenty of shampoo and massage my scalp for a decent amount of time before conditioning. I change brands of shampoo and conditioners often, so I only need to look for the ones that circle around thick, frizzy, and curly hair. While brushing, I use a moisturizing spray and end up having to arrange my hair in a certain way, etc. I do end up losing clumps of hair in the brush, but it's not really a problem since my hair seems to act as a trap.

  • Thin hair here

  • My hair is super long, thick and dry. I probably wash my hair once a week after a deep conditioning treatment like oil. Then condition my hair in the shower and then use a leave in conditioner. To refresh my hair I usually use the bumble and bumble primer/refresher spray. I don't think my ever gets greasy. So crazy

    • Do you shed a lot?

    • Yesss all the time. I leave a trail of me behind wherever I go 😭😭

  • I wash whenever, no fixed schedule, just when I need to. For washing, I condition then shampoo then condition again. It helps it not dry out because my hair is prone to dryness. I use whatever is around for pre shampoo condition, shampoo it depends on if I need to clarify or not, then condition with a mask for a few mins while I shave legs or whatever.

    I think it looks like long hair people lose more hair, but we don't really, just that there's more hair there.

  • I was it ever other day, to ever 2 days.
    Matrix violate shampoo and conditioner.
    Redeken heat protecter
    Biotera dry shampoo
    A. s. p. kitoko hair therapy oil
    Yes, I shed a lot.

    • Oh okay that's nice. Yea I she'd a lot too sometimes I get so scared cause it looks like so much.