GUYS, what makes a girl hot/sexy in your eyes?

details please. if she passed, what goes through your mind when you see her?


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  • 1. A pouty expression

    2. Very literate, and can ask provocative questions on Girls ask Guys

    3. Posing for pictures with just a little decolletage. Too much would be a downer.

    4. Looks Asian.

    5. Hair worn so it covers one eye.

    When she passes, I think she'd giggle if I flirted with her.


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  • first thing that will catch my eyes is her eyes, hair, way she walks, what she's wearing...when she passes its just like daaamnnn mmm what I would do to her if I had the I dunno, if she's insanely my type I just think what it'd be like to take her home...even if its for a split second lol, not sure if that answers ur question but yeah, usualy just what would that ass look like with those pants off and a thong on lol

    • Damn!!! what about the face. lol that's a plus too. LMAO

    • Face for sure...i mean I'm not looking to burger king it (put a bag on her face and have it your way) lol...i guess ur right I forgot that...face is an obvious tho

    • Lmao... face+ass=wow

  • for me the first thing that catches my eyes is her face then. Light skinned. I usually like a gal with a samller figure like her ass but the thing that usally gets meh is eyes

  • Well personally when a girl passes me the first thing that catches my eye would be her eyes. Ya I know maybe it might sound a bit corny to some people but its true. I find that girls with beautiful eyes make them cute or hot. It doesn't matter how they look (color, size, shape, etc...) as long as their inviting.

  • Ok first thing... her look, how her eyes look at you. If its intense, intriguing, if she screams "i am a slut" with her eyes, FORGETT IT! Then her movements, how she moves, is she a free spirit or uptide... stuf like that you can see by how a girl moves, eyes, legs ass... or the absencse of ass is what freaks me out.

    • How does "i am a slut" scream in her eyes look? LMAO that's a good question. so if a girl has a flat ass, its a no no?

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