Getting ready for a black tie event help?

I'm a girl and I have to go to a black tie event tomorrow, how do I get ready? In what order?(e. g hair, make up, jewelry, dress what comes first?) and about how early before the time should I start to get ready? Any tips would be appreciated


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  • It's basically like dressing up for prom. So the most elegant hair style and make up and dress you have. Whatever amount of time it takes you to do that. Leave yourself 30 minutes to spare though just in case there's any hiccups along the way.


What Girls Said 1

  • First hair, because it takes time and it's important to look put together. Then makeup, so you don't stain your clothes accidentally. It's better to do your hair and makeup in a way familiar to you, so you don't mess up. If it's an unfamiliar style, you should experiment from today to perfect it. Then you dress up and you put on accessories. Personally, when I want to put up an extra effort, it takes me 50 minutes. I'll also send you a link from a take on how to get ready quickly and efficiently.