Women get mad at a man if he looks at her?

why will a woman sit in front of the mirror putting makeup and eyeliner -- lipstick -- sexy heels and sometimes even pay for surgery on her breasts do everything she can to make herself look sexy and then get mad at a man if he looks at her. if she's willing to go out in public with half her breasts exposed doesn't she know and expect men are going to look. that's the way men are.and then she calls us men perverts.


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  • i know how you feel I ask this all time time. its not that they don't want men to look they really do, its just they don't want you to look. they want the other guy to pay attention. they want the "hot guy " to glance over and get his attention .

    I first realized that one time I was camping with my friends and a girl I didn't know but was a friends friend came and joined us. the time it really sticks out in my mind was there was 4 of us playing cards. 2 guys 2 girls and one the girls was trying her best to sleep with the other guy. (me I was viewed at the fat pervert who would never get any... at least according to her...) well she decided to strip into her bra. but she also made half her nipple hang out. well I happen to have a lazy eye at times and that was one time it happened. my eye made it look like I was staring her down when I wasn't. well she flipped out she called me a pervert and started going off on how I'm a creep and will always be a virgin (that I just had to laugh about ) and how she can't believe my friends would have someone like me in there group... then the other guy there laughed and said I should use sunglasses like he was doing that we he can look without getting caught she said exactly and fix her boobs for him and gave me an evil look.

    so there you have it the shallowness of women who want 1 type of guy to look but will crucify any other who may or may not be looking.


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  • She wants the attention.

    Us girls are a little odd. We like attenttion, but we also like to know we can be respected. So, she's probably happy inside that she's getting attention from a man, but she needs to show that's she needs to be respected.

  • You got a point, I would assume that if you went under the knife, is to show yourself off, not that I agree with it, but it's like getting a tattoo. What's the point in getting one if you're gonna hide it.

    • The gorgeous girl walking the beach her breasts half exposed. she catches a man looking at her and says what's he looking at. her friend says to her you paid for them why are you complaining? this is a story my barber told me.

  • the majority of men look at attractive women. some guys just go too far and ogle you. what someone does to make themselves look attractive is their business, yes you can appreciate it and admire them but that doesn't give you the right to perve on them and make them feel uncomfortable. you can pay attention to a woman and give her a compliment in a respectful way that doesn't make you look like a pervert.


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