My wardrobe is complete shit, what new clothes do you recommend I buy?

Since I first started experiencing depression in high school, I completely let myself go. While I have always remained skinny, I became very lazy about my appearance. My clothing is juvenile and often mismatched. Additionally, I wear glasses, I don't wear makeup, almost always wear a beanie, never shave my legs or wax my uni-brow (first thing I fixed!). Now I'm in my second year of university and feeling better mentally. I care about how I look again. I would love a boyfriend and I think this would definitely help. However, I have a very small budget to buy new clothes with. The whole process of buying actually flattering clothes seems overwhelming after all this time. So I have 2 basic questions: 1) What clothing items do I need immediately? 2) What pieces should I invest in? For reference I currently wear a combo of the following on a everyday basis: Tops: horizontal stripe t-shirts for 9th Grade, Hot Topic type t-shirts ( either have sarcastic phrases or Anime on them) Outer wear: black cardigan, grey cardigan, burgundy cardigan, super fake looking leather jacket Pants: skinny jean, grey skinny jean, boot-cut jean, black and white pattern legging, grey pattern legging Shoes: old grey vans or black combat boots. I am going for a causal and trendy style. Thanks so much!!!


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  • Clothes that fit.


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  • Haha kudos on not shaving a monobrow for a year!

    Honestly I'd say if you have a small budget then u can get away with just cheap tshirts from hnm n maybe jeans and a jumper? No need to go overboard but I would always recommend a cute bag to make the outfit pop. Cute shoes are good but you sound like u might be more of a 'cool shoes' person (vans etc...) so maybe some funky looking converse? Or at least avoid combat boots n stick to your vans... nothing says 'she likes girls' like big black clunky/buckle boots xD

    If you want to continue buying from hot topic then avoid anything 'grungy' looking. From exp, most guys don't like that look... so no sculls or fake blood or 'in your face' stuff. I used to shop there at your age and now I cringe to think that I ever thought a black tutu was acceptable.

    I dunno if u have an alternative preference but u say you want trendy and casual so that's why I'm giving the advice I have. Maybe keep it 'casual and trendy' but put on a slick of eyeliner on your top eyeline from time to time :)

  • Since you are on a budget, I would recommend you go the route of capsule dressing. Basically you pick clothing staples (pants, dresses, etc) in neutral colors, and then pick 2-3+ pop colors, and buy a few items in those colors. The idea is that literally everything you own matches with something else either you already own or will purchase. I. e. if you have jeans, black pants, green top, green skirt, white cardigan, everything will match thus saving you time in getting dressed, and money since you know everything already goes with each other. Go through your closet, find out what staples you already have, and then work from there. Also thrift shopping will allow you to buy a lot more with a lot less.

    Here's an example: