What's the most affective way to get rid of stretch marks? Can anyone think of any products that I can use.

Or anything not to expensive


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  • Well, I've used Bio Oil. You're supposed to use it for at least three months, twice a day, but I can't get into the habit. I'm very pale and my stretch marks are just about the color of my skin now :)


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  • The best thing to use for anything related to skin would be shea butter. I use it on myself for stretch marks, burns, acne, and as sun block. It is a natural food for the skin. There is a little African store, where I get it from, within walking distance from me. You can definitely get it online. I've never seen it sold in any local or chain grocery stores/pharmacies. Most likely because they don't want you to pay for the cheap, $5, half pound container full of nutrients that your skin loves to eat! Especially since it isn't full of their unnecessary chemicals that shouldn't, ever, be rubbed on your body. Plus, shea butter never expires.

  • I don't know the exact brand or name, but there are some lotions/creams that you can use, but you have to apply it meticulously day and night, and it also depends on how bad the stretch marks are. Nothing will probably make them disappear, but a lotion I was using for a while did make mine fade a bit more.

    You can also go to a dermatologist and they would be able to tell you a likely outcome and also provide products that might benefit you.