Guys how big would you want a girl?

How big is a girl that you would wanna date? Because I always been wondering what kind of girls suit you guys?


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  • Anywear from about 5'4 - 6'4 weight that depends on the height

    • Oh OK I see. What if a girl is say about 61 3/4 and weighed about 165-170. That's a random number. Would that be OK or would you have to go smaller than that.

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    • Ephedra is a drug that is designed to help you lose weight that can be injected into food or liquid. After years of people taking it scientists found Ephedra works because it tricks the mind into beliving the body is not hungry. They also found Ephedra was working well for athletes because it increases there heart rate which is extreamly dangerous. If you take anything with Ephedra in it please limit the amount of caffine you consume (Soda, Coffe) because there is a great risk for heart attacks

    • Oh wow I didn't know that. Thanks for telling me. ill make sure I don't take a lot of that. I didn't know soda, Coffee and things like that could give you a heart attack I thought like greasy foods and other things like that. I guess I was wrong. I also was told when you are fat it takes a tail on your life to make it so you don't live as long anymore. So is that all that drug could do is give you a heart attack? How could soda give you one? other than it getting you fatter.

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  • Thats a tough question, as I could say numbers but then if you showed me the girl my thoughts might change. I guess anywhere between 5'4"-5'8" and whatever her healthy weight might be (So, I don't know 130-180?)

    • OK so you would date somewhere between 130-180 in lbs. So I'm guessing they don't have to be really skinny. so 61 3/4 in height and 165-170 in weight.

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    • Well I don't know if its a healthy weight or not. But it wouldn't stop me from dating a girl

    • Oh That's a good thing that won't stop you from dating a girl. Usually guys say that if your not skinny and hot then they don't want you. It drives me nuts when guys say that. I guess not all guys are like that. You just showed me that they weren't.

  • 5'7 - 115 lbs - currently toned with no tan - great hygene and sense of style / self-worth - etc..

    The above describes the girl that currently has my interest.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • 57-115 lbs are you seriouse? That's such a small girl. what if she a little bigger than that. How big would she have to be to make you say no?

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    • Lamen's Terms: Good Bye!

    • Yup good bye

  • Well, I'd at least want her to fit through the front door.

    • OK yea I understand that. But you would date someone that would at least fit through the front door.

  • I am 6ft tall, almost 200 lbs and I want a small girt not taller than 5ft3! A little bit cubby or skinny, both are good.

    • OK so you would want someone that's not too skinny and not too fat. So around 61 3/4 tall and around 165-170 lbs.

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