Why do girls like the "bad boy" persona?

I can't stay away from them. What is it about the "Bad Boy" personality that keeps girls coming back? I have tried and tried to get away from him, but I love him and always will. Is it just the sex or is it something else?


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  • It has nothing to do with the sex but everything to do with you. You have low self esteem and keep coming back for more. Maybe you think that you don't deserve any guy to treat you right.


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  • Because they live their lives on the edge and on danger they don't give a F.. about tomorrow or the day after tomorrow This is why 85% ending up being no where. BUT it makes me super happy because while girls hanging out with those bad boys they realizing that this is not what they want, living in a sh*tty house and driving a car that was cool in 2001 but no in 2015.and when they start dating normal guys, Normal guys just use them and moving to the next one. Reality Check ! So don't be MAD when GOOD guys do things like that. YOU TURNED THEM DOWN when you were young and kind of immature and letter GOOD guys turn you down because of YOU.

    • New York, you make a lot of sense as well, and I understand and believe me I wish it were different for me.

  • It's the sex. The bad boys take you for a wild ride every time. At least that's why girls keep coming back to me.

    Anyways, let me share with you a letter some girl wrote me after I stopped talking to her.


    Being with you today made me feel so many things.

    Revived, recharged, rejuvenated, refreshed, fulfilled, content,

    adored, loved, desired, obsessed, surrendered, consumed, passion!

    I feel so full of you. You are still inside me. In my mind, heart, body,

    my soul, even as I write this. When I am with you, a

    supernatural thing happens to me that I can't explain. I know

    that I could literally die in your arms and would not even care... that

    is how powerful this is. I lose my mind to you... actually, I give it to

    you along with everything in me. I can completely surrender to you

    as I have never been able to do ever in my life. You are inside my

    head. I love and crave what I feel when we are in each others'

    presence...almost to the point that I am afraid I can't live with out it.

    Now I am sounding like a crazy person.

    It is like you are the love that I am so glad I had and hate at the

    same time because I know that it will never be the same with

    anyone else.

    The energy.

    The intensity.

    The passion.

    The connection.

    All of it was and still is magical for me.

    And I have been missing it and you a lot.

    I don't want to know about all of your moving on plans. I don't

    want to know about your girlfriend. I am assuming it is all good if you are cutting me off completely.

    I am glad you can move forward with that part of your life.

    Just know that I still carry you with me every day.

    I am still in love with you deeply and as much as I have been

    trying to shut that part of me off it has been an uphill battle and

    a losing one at that.

    I have lost a lot of the excitement that I have had towards sex

    and things of that nature.

    Just honestly hadn't had a desire for it so much knowing that it

    wasn't you on the receiving end I guess.

    So I don't need you to respond to this as it may just make

    matters worse for me.

    Just know that I have nothing but love for you and wish you the

    best with your life and love in the future.

    Yours Forever,


    Now, there's nothing in particular that I did to her other than give her amazing sex. I can't see any other reason why she would write something like this. The only reasonable conclusion I can draw is that she found me very manly and that she enjoyed the sex, because I certainly didn't treat her as if she were anything special

    • Wow..lol, amazing letter especially since you say you did nothing special. My "bad boy" is actually my ex, and I still can't stay away from him, but I completely related to this letter, unfortunately it's like an addiction. thanks

    • Hate to break it to you mike, but you don't need to be a bad boy or a player to get letters like this. I've got a shoebox full of them in my closet from when I was in High School. I'm not knocking the fact that you claim to be a player, to each his own.

    • I don't think you understand. This girl wrote me this and told me she was sad because I was cutting her out of the loop of girls that I was screwing with.

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  • I think the style,the attitude is all just alluring.

    Me personally?I actually like the "good guys"

    I like good guys who treat you right.In my area,the "bad boys" are defined as promiscuous guys who have baby mama's,crackheads OR potheads,alcoholics,gold grill but they have swagger haha.But that's all they're good for,is looking at

    I think some people on here are full of themselves:-)

  • its not only the sex. Its everything. The thrill, the risk, the excitement. It just the rush. I've always liked a bad boy. But to be honest, they are always the ones that will end up hurting you. Believe me I found out the hard way. I gave up a really nice really to get back with my ex and of course he got boared after a few weeks and now I have nothing.. Plenty more fish in the sea though :)