Looking and feeling the way I want?

Why is it so hard for myself to accept that the way I look and feel can't be changed and that I feel constantly that I need to change in order to get the attention of the opposite sex? I workout all the time, I try to keep myself fit and ready, I have a great personality, I just really for some reason can't find the confidence for myself to not want to change who I am. I catch myself thinking, girls love Brad Pitt, maybe I can act like him a little bit, but in reality, it just makes myself look stupid. I'm caught in a wave of confusion and I feel myself spinning every time I think I have won the battle of confidence... But instead, I have just change the battle. I really focus on my looks which I KNOW I SHOULD NOT, but it is so hard for me not to, because it makes me think that it is the big reason why that I can't gain the attention of the opposite sex. Help? :(


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  • Ever think it's because you're so absorbed in your looks that they avoid you? Trust me, you're more than fine in the looks section, you need to focus more on being yourself personality wise. :1 And that's possibly what's turning girls off is that they meet you, and you turn out to be a low-self esteeming mess and it distracts from the rest of your personality.

    I think you need to relax, and remember that not everyone is going to think you're a great catch, as not everyone is the same. You can't live entirely for other people, at least not in this way as it is unhealthy.


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  • be yourself. girls care about more than just looks. just because your hot and you have a nice body doesn't mean your guaranteed to get girls. you have to be at ease with yourself


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  • The GOOD news is that for girls a relationship is more of an emotional thing and girls are less concerned with physical appearance than guys (in general) So just chill out about the looks thing and let your sparkling personality shine forth! Also your probably waaay to harsh on yourself with the looks thing, you are the way you are and to a ceratin extent you can tweak your body but ur face is gonna stay the same so get used to it! Most guys can get up in the morning, look in a mirror and think "hey you sexy beast" but you seem to have the opposite problem lol. Just love the way you are and you'll find someone who loves you for it as well.