On a scale of 1-10 what am i?

well I would just like to know because 1st of all I never get a lot of attention from guys because I have no ass; I wear a a cup in bra's and I'm 120 pounds 5'4. I hate going out with my friends because they always get the attention from guys at parties or really anywhere. I mean honestly I don't think I'm ugly I would just to like to know where I stand physically because I know I have a OK personality I just wanna know I guess. here's a picture of me ...please be brutally honest.



Most Helpful Guy

  • I feel that you are quite pretty, and please try and take it easy on yourself, try to remember you are the only person like you. Imagine what it would be like if we all looked the same it would be like a scene out of the clone wars. To be sure we would all be uniform...but uniformly boring and the same. The best advice I can give you is to work towards being the sort of woman you desire to be, the sort of woman you can be proud of, now granted much of this comes with time, and I can understand that this may not be something you really want to hear, as I noticed you are 16 or so. I understand that you may feel that you have all of this woman screaming to come out, and while it's true I'm not a woman I was your age once upon a time, so in that sense I can relate to your anxiety about some of these things. As for your appearance you have nothing to worry about, enjoy your body for the way it is. I know this might sound sort of strange, but to sort of help you out with your perspective on your physical attributes, try going to your local library and see if you can find a illustrated medical dictionary or medical journal, look through it I'm confident that after a while you will see some pictures of people with syndromes or deformities brought about by any number of illnesses or diseases. I'm not trying to poke fun at them, however it might make you see yourself a little differently as you are quite pretty, you just have to believe it. A little bit of confidence will go a long way.