Why don't guys ever look at me?

When I'm walking around on campus, I usually at least glance at the guy I'm walking past, but they never look at me.

Are they shy or just not interested?


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  • Hey, I think the answer to your question might lie in the fact that guys are just shy.

    Personally, I am a very confident guy, and I tend to look at, and smile at just about every girl that I walk past on campus, just because its the naturally flirty thing to do I guess...


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  • Most guys are used to instant rejection from most women, so they don't even do this natural sort of flirtation that is pretty universal in most countries and cultures in the world.

    But, as you note, not in the USA...

  • Here's a better question: When you're busy paving your way through life and paying for it do you stop everything you are doing to stare at random guy X who's wondering the same thing?


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