Who do guys like girls with blond hair the best?

Why do guys like to look at girls with blond hair? Do they not think girls with a different color is attractive? I have lived with boys and men and they have always wanted to see a girl with blond hair and all they would talk about is blond hair girls. What's up with that? What makes a different what color hair they have?


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  • Never dated a blonde, I like me a brunette

    • Oh really. Down here guys like the blond girls that's why I asked. Do you think a blond is more sexier or no?

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    • Personality matters more than looks. Obviously I have to have some physical attraction. I like open minded people who aren't afraid to try stuff. I'm just sick of the "guidelines" my friends have for girls. Tall, C cup, all shaved, etc.. I could care less if you have big or small boobs, or shave or not, I just like someone fun. Sweet, nice, just all around well-rounded.

    • That's sweet. Yea that's true. Personality should mater more than looks. Yea it also shouldn't mater if you had big boobs or not. Because not every girl had big boobs and not all girls are the skinniest also. People should take what comes close to them, no mater what they look like, as long as they aren't huge like 500 pound girl. Other than that looks shouldn't mater. Your right on that and I agree 100% on everything you just said.

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  • Nah there are guys that like Brunettes (myself!) and some like red-heads.

    Myself I am driven WILD by beautiful brunettes like Jennifer Love Hewitt or Alyssa Milano.

    • Oh well that's a good thing that you like brunettes. I'm a brunette that's why I got offended when men liked blonds lol. Does hair mater to you when your dating a girl? What kind of girl is your type, like what's your style?

  • I like brunette much better :)

    • Oh nice. I thought all guys like blonds more. Well that's a good thing. I'm a brunette that's why I was offended when guys like blonds more.

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    • Lol. That's good. May I ask what type of girls that you would date? Like what style? I'm asking a few guys this because I'm making a chart about what kinds of girls men likes. That's why I'm asking lol. I won't dye my hair thanks. You are the first guy that tells me this.

    • Umm I love a girl who is just happy and bright and has a positive outlook on life. One who is sweet, caring and knows how to show affection. I like the more natural type like you don't have to pile on the makeup and stuff. If you're talking looks I like this pic of Amanda Bynes : http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o27/signallo/amanda_bynes.jpg I think she's coloured her hair in this pic but we won't worry about that lol. Anyways it's more than just looks like personality and what's inside :)

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  • Well I personally don't think that the hair color matters. Well I'm a natural blond and I don't really find that guys like me better. Just be happy with the hair color you have, there's too many girls out there dying their hair blond or other colors just because they think guys will like it better. Just be yourself and ignore those shallow guys who only like girls with blond hair. Every hair color has their problems. So don't diss the blond's either. Because we have to deal with the whole "Blonds are stupid" jokes, when I'm really a smart girl. Were all just human, we all basically deal with the same problems. So don't think so much into it. Just go out and find a guy that digs brunettes, because there are a ton of them out there too. Cheer up :)

    • I'm not dissing any blonds I'm just saying that guys here like them more. And I don't know why. That's all I'm saying. Yes they make blond jokes here all the time but don't mean they don't like them. I'm happy with what man I got, I was just asking people because I didn't know why guys here liked to mess with blonds that's all.

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    • Oops I meant this WAY not this "was" haha

    • Yea your right. OK that's a good thing that your not like that lol. Its OK everyone makes mistakes, no ones perfect. I would have got it if you didn't say anything. lol.

  • I personally don't know any guys that really like blonde haired girls. I know that the guys I know don't care what color the hair is and I don't think any guys like blondes more and if they do I've never met one.

    • Yea around were I live all guys want is blond haired girls because they think the look the greatest and I never figured out why they like them a lot more. So girls here are dieing their blond because of what the men think about it. Your luck that guys don't care what color girls hair look. They do here and it drive me nuts lol.

    • Yea I guess that does suck but from what I heard its that blonde haired girls are stupid lol but whatever. and there are so many blonde jokes so you can read them and think about blonde girls. I personally am not a fan of blonde hair so I don't mind and if a guy doesn't like a girl for herself then the guy is probably not worth it. =D

    • Lol. That's not nice but funny. I think some blonds are stupid but not all. I use to make jokes about blonds but I have stopped because I thought it was mean, but they are funny. Yea you right, If a guy only likes a girl because of her hair then he isn't worth anything. They should love her for who she is not what she looks like.