What to wear on a lunch date?

Weather will be warm and sunny... Want to wear something cute but not like I'm trying too hard because I will be coming from class. Suggestions?


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  • I suggest something that compliments your figure. Maybe a nice skirt to show of your legs, a button up shirt with a camisole underneath it so that you don't have any unexpected wardrobe malfunctions. Wear some cute shoes, they don't need to be heels (some girls make that mistake) and you should make sure they are both comfortable and they compliment your clothes at the same time. That would work best. If you want to be flirty I think you can pop a couple of buttons down, just for the date, to show a little bit of cleavage and give him something to think about. Something playful like that. Maybe then after you're done you can go back to class and button up.

    What do you think?

    • I'm checking back on a lot of my old answers like I usually do. I wanted to do a follow up to see if what I told you was at all helpful to you. So did my advice help?

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  • a skirt, a nice top and cute shoes and be sure to feel confident and comfortable

  • wear a cute sun dress or a tank and skirt