Too short?

Guys, what do you feel about girls that are very petite?

I'm 4'10, and I really hate it because I feel like every guy looks at me as either his little sister or a kid because I don't have the long supermodel body, and I'm not even close. Am I right? Is there such thing as being too short, do guys just look right over short girls, no pun

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  • To me height really isn't an issue, as it's something that's purely genetic and totally out of our control. Though admittedly, I'm 6'2" so I've never really been on the opposite end of a height bias myself. But if I was attracted to a certain woman and was really interested in dating/getting to know her, I totally wouldn't care if she was 4'10" or 6'10".


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  • Most guys, from the guys I know, don't mind height. When I was with my ex he would tell me all the time that I had a great body and great legs. I'm 5-foot-2. I look at myself like a little stub haha. Take pride in your height. You're not short, you're fun size :)