Question for the girls but guys can help me too if they want too

girls, say you were working in a shop like tescos and you liked this guy and you smiled at him a lot each time he came in, if the only time he could ask you out was when you were working, where in the place of work could he ask you out and how could he ask you out


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What Girls Said 1

  • In the clothing section so that way you can ask her advice on how you look. And then be smooth and say something like, "So you do you think you would like this outfit when we go out?" Something ballsy like that. If she likes you she will more than likely blush or make a comment about how you should ask. Then you can officially ask her.


What Guys Said 1

  • Iv asked girls out at counters before. Make sure you ask when you are ordering the food then if you get rejected at the start just sit down, look cool and don't pay any attention to her (not that you should get phased by rejection at all)

    She might just give you her number on your way out