Ankle socks or scrunchy socks?

Ladies I'm curious to know what kind of socks do you wear the most?

Are there any you wear that you think are hot?

I love seeing women wear those scrunchy socks and ankle socks



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  • i like ankle or the socks that you can't see.. I like to see mens calves. as far as me.. ankle socks for sure unless I'm dressing up then its dress socks or something.. and definately no socks with sandles lol. the scrunchy socks are kind of 90's ish.. some people go for them but me personally.. no


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  • hmmmmm,...I wear ankle socks if I am wearing tennishoes (wich I rarely wear) and they are always mix match. I tend to wear men's dress socks under my sandels durring the winter if I am pulling of socks as fasion,...but that is it. I don't wear socks too much.

  • I normally don't wear socks, since I usually wear heels or flats, but when I do happen to wear sneakers, I wear ankle socks. They're more comfortable to me and easier to put on.


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