Should I cut my hair? Pictures!

Should I cut my hair? It's a couple inches past my chest, and it's kind of damaged. It's kind of getting old too, I've had it pretty long my whole life.

Do you guys think I should cut it? to like, a little below my shoulders. I would keep my bangs though. also, should I get highlights or dye it? what color?

Oh, yeah, look at my profile for the pictures(:



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  • Hey there.

    So, I know you wanted a guy's input, but as a girl who has always loved her long hair, I thought I'd throw in a couple tips.

    If your hair is that long, it probably is damaged. If you want to keep the length now, I'd say get a good inch trimmed off, and ask your stylist to recommend a good product for long hair that keeps it strong, and commit to getting a trim every three to four weeks. Long hair gets damaged and abused fast because it can get knotty/tangled/etc. If you decide to keep it long, you may want to ask your stylist if she recommends a particular brush - usually a large paddle brush, one that hopefully can minimize static, is great.

    My hair was as long as yours until just two summers ago. I trimmed it up to just below my shoulders, then shoulder length, and then I even went to just a little bit past my chin. I've been growing it out now, gradually, and my hair is so much healthier and looks prettier long. Now it's just past my shoulders, and I think I'll let it go another inch to two inches before I stop it at that length.

    Summer can be a good time to cut your hair and try a new short style. And then if you miss your long hair, you can gradually grow it back healthfully.

    Another good way to maintain the longer hair is a flat-iron. You don't want to over fry your hair, but using a good flat iron (with a heat protectant) once to twice a week is a good way to seal the cuticle in your hair, which prevents damage and split ends. :)


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  • If it's damaged, then you should get it cut. A little culling is good for the hair. It'll grow back if you need to have that length.

  • Hahah I told you alreasy last question...yes you need to cut...shoulder length

  • Maybe cut a few inches to liven it up.

  • I think you look good as you are.. you will grow in a beautiful women..

  • Nah don't worry about it, it looks good. most guys like long hair, the longer the better believe me


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  • I can't see ur pics