Girls, how do you feel about this change in fashion for a guy?

Come the new year, I finally want to change or really add something to my choice of clothing with outfits exactly like these. So the same exact leggings and shirts. I'd wear the leggings while working out but I'd wear the full outfit like these as casual wear.
Girls, how do you feel about this change in fashion for a guy?

As it is, my style is umm of a girly type so I might be able to easily get away with those two outfits.

Just saying, I got the leggings in the top picture lol


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  • Personally, I wouldn't really go for a guy like that but that's just my opinion. I wouldn't want a guy who wears the same type of clothes as me as in for girls. But that's just me. Maybe get the male version of this if you're trying to attract a girl. But you do you, the right girl will eventually come along regardless.

    • Thanks haha. I've come across girls that like my regular style which is typically girls super skinny jeans and some type of boots but they're taken... of course. I looked at the male version of the leggings in the first photo, they look exactly the same but were $50 more so I got the girls version.

  • I like it.

    • That's what I where normally.

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    • So you wouldn't mind seeing a guy wearing that to a store or just out somewhere?

    • I mean, its not as bad as the other stuff I've worn but it's still girls stuff