A guy asked me to dress "really really really warm" for our surprise date, what should I wear?

Your guess is as good as mine! No clue what we are doing or what I should wear lol... any help? :)


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  • light yourself on fire

  • I wonder if He's planning on taking you somewhere, where your going to be outside in the cold weather? I don't have any suggestions but I will share with you how I dress at work and why. Where I work, they turn off the heat. Because of that I wear layers. T-shirt, Flannel Shirt, and a Coat. That way as I work, I warm up. As I warm up and remove the coat. If I'm still too warm, I remove the flannel shirt. When I go on break I put the flannel shirt back on. If I'm still too cold I put the coat back on. Since you don't know what He's got planned, you might want layers so that you can dress up or down on the fly.


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